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    Bongs for sale? Learn how to pick the right one for you

    Most stoners are always in search of any bongs for sale available. Maybe in your case, your set of water pipes are too old, broken or too dirty to clean up, and you just need an upgrade. Buying a new bong can be a bit intimidating, especially considering the different varieties to choose from. So how can you go about choosing the right one for you?

    Factors to consider when choosing bongs for sale

    The purpose of the bong

    blue bongPrior to finding bongs for sale, determine what you need the bong for. Is it for personal use or sharing among friends? How many times a day do you plan to use it, and in what environment? Is constant cleaning an issue? Being aware of your needs can also help determine your requirements for a bong and hence makes it easier to select the right one for you.

    Type of material and design

    Bongs come in different makes, including glass, ceramic, plastic and even wooden materials. If you’re looking for bongs for sale on the cheaper side, then plastics are your best choice. Ceramic bongs give you great design options ranging from typical to fun and crazy. Glass, on the other hand, are most commonly applied for personal use. But if durability is a factor for you, then you can’t go wrong with the wooden types of bongs.

    Your lung capacity and your hit

    The satisfaction of your hit and its effect on your lungs will largely depend on the specific features of the bong. A bong that is too tall for you can affect how good a hit is or nicely you clear.

    The smoke of your piece will be affected by its mouthpiece and chamber dimensions. If either of them is too wide, you may have trouble controlling your hit. Clearing is even harder for bongs narrowing towards the top, particularly, if it has a chamber with a varying diameter.

    The size

    tranparent bongWhen it comes to choosing between bongs for sale, note that bigger isn’t always the better. While larger bongs are great for a good hit, they are usually more likely to break and also take up more space compared to their smaller counterparts. However, if you are hell-bent on splurging on size, then get one that is more durable and less prone to breakage, or consider using it in the absence of friends who don’t know how to handle properly.

    Selecting the right bong for you between a range of bongs for sale basically depends on your personal preference, so ensure you’re satisfied with your choice.…


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